Having the ability of digital technology in many business communications, aperture cards played a significant role in storing and retrieving engineering drawings. Aperture Card Scanning Services from Mathenson make it easy to convert these cards into long-lasting digital images! We have highly qualified staff members, who can scan and convert film media for example aperture cards into digital format uses very little space.

Offered service allows our honorable clients to convert their cards to digital images for improved access and retrieval. Aperture cards are an additional drawing archiving medium related to the microfilm which have been used by many companies to accumulate their technical drawings and strategies mainly by engineering, civil architects and manufacturing companies.

The aperture card normally holds a 35mm microfilm frame as one drawing. This type of scanning provides disaster recovery as well as electronic archive of the legacy drawings and documents.

Mathenson is counted among as one of the leading Aperture Card Scanning Services providing company from Mumbai, India. We have well educated and experienced professionals who can easily scan their client’s aperture cards into digital images from all types including Hollerith punched aperture cards, 16mm and 35mm image areas.  They also can digitize all of your aperture cards into high quality images very cost-effectively.

Once the images from the aperture cards are scanned in and viewed on-screen. Scanned images are checked by our quality control department on various parameters to make sure that the final scanned images are as clear as possible. When the scanning process is complete, the scanned images from cards are converted into many formats as per the requirement of our clients such as TIFF, PDF or JPEG. If your aperture cards contain multiple pages in the frame then our professionals can crop individual pages from each card. They can also read the aperture cards Hollerith punched information and capture the index values for you.

In short, if you want to modernize your organization by scanning your aperture cards, Mathenson can help you get the job done with ease!

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