Mathenson is a leading microfilm scanning company in Mumbai India offers Book Scanning Service to convert your print books and manuscripts into fully editable electronic files in very affordable prices. It is a scanning service that helps individuals and organizations turn their physical books into digital media comprar cialis online. Our critical scanning process converts virtually any size book or document to any file format, including searchable PDF, eBook and editable text based formats such as Word, RTF, and TXT. Our service is perfect for text books, log books, Periodicals, Drawings and Technical Documents, etc.

In this service, we perform inexpensive methods of transferring any paper book to a clear, searchable PDF and editable Word document. Highly qualified professionals of our company use well developed equipments, careful handling and customized processing to ensure top quality results.

When a book is converted into electronic or digital format, it may be important to do so without damaging it, so our book scanning service takes a whole new approach. At our scanning department, we use high-tech scanners for scanning different types of books. The scanning process goes through our rigorous quality control procedures. Scanned books are then converted to the required digital format, these may be TIFF, PDF, HTML and JPEG.

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