Mathenson Records Management Pvt. Ltd. is started their company from very small scale in which this company provides best Microfilm Scanning and Digitization Services in India and many foreign countries. This company is located in Mumbai and counted among their all national and international client’s as world’s No.1 Digitization Service Provider.

Definition of Digitization: In digitization process, various types of information are converted into a digital format. Due to this service, your most important historical documents are preserved at one file or place.


Storing information in different kinds of hard copy formats like books, magazines, judgments, historical credentials, journals, reports, case laws, newspapers, articles into any digital format like PDF, .Doc or .Docx file extensions, HTML, XML etc is called Digitization.

Information’s that your digitized by our digitization service is easier to preserve, access, and share. Clients can share digitized documents with anyone and anywhere through data sharing mediums. In this format, information is prearranged into discrete units of data called bits that can be separately addressed usually in multiple groups of bits called bytes.

Our Digitization services helps you to get your physical documents in electronic forms that can be indexed, searched, edited, re-formatted, re-purposed, re-used and organized into digital assets. For example, an original historical document may only be accessible to people who visit its physical location, but if the document content is digitized by our digitization service, it can be made available to people worldwide. There is a growing trend towards digitization of historically and culturally significant data.


At our premises, our highly qualified programmers can be converting Microfilm into Digital Documents at costs slightly higher than making a paper copy. If you want to convert your microfilm into digital documents, contact us and we can convert your microfilm very easily with the help of our microfilm conversion scanner ST ViewScan III, FlexScan.

Mathenson Records Management Pvt. Ltd. has been in the microfilm business for over fifty years getting information to microfilm and now, digitally converting information from microfilm. Our company offers a wide variety of microfilm conversion solutions, including standard microfilm scanning to PDF/TIFF services, .Doc or .Docx file extensions, HTML, XML etc.

Custom microfilm scanning options, thousands of customers across the country and millions of microfilm images converted make us the right choice for any microfilm requirement you may have.


Mathenson converts your microfilm into digital images as per your requirements at your budgeted prices. Well educated staff members of our company use many different terms when describing the process of Converting Microfilm into Digital Images, such as scanning, digitizing, imaging and computerizing apertures. At our company, we simply called it microfilm conversion services.

We convert both 16mm and 35mm Microfilms into Digital Images, creating digitized versions of the source filmed images. We also convert microfilm reel on rolls, reels, and cartridges. The computerized versions of the scanned microfilm are commonly stored as TIFF, JPEG, PNG or PDF files.

We perform quality control reviews to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied. Our offered this conversion service reduces time consuming image retrieval from Microfilm. These images can be printed, faxed, or e-mailed and multiple users can access these images at the same time over a network. You can store these images upto 15,000 images on a single CD, or up to 200,000 Images on a DVD.


Mathenson helps their clients by providing excellent and unmatched quality of Microfilm to Digital Media Conversion Service at their pocket friendly prices. Our highly experienced staff members convert rolls of Microfilm into Digital Media like images that are stored on CD, DVD, external hard drives and Online.

Our honorable customers can access the converted microfilm from the delivery media or upload the scanned images to their document management systems very quickly and easily. With an increasing demand for instant shared access to information, our company offers this service to their clients very easily. We use outsourced method for converting this inheritance information to TIF or PDF images.

At our company, our programmers convert microfilm reels into digital media like any type of information or data can be repossessed, printed and distributed in seconds from the desktop. This media consumed very less space as compare to the microfilm reels. We also convert some collections of microfilm data files that can be stored in Word and Excel Files.

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