From last 50 years, Mathenson is having a great experience in providing full range of hassle free E-Book Conversion Service to their prestigious customers as per their need. At our company’s laboratory, highly qualified and experienced converters can convert PDF, Indexing files, MS word, HTML, Quark, Rich text format, or any other electronic formats into eBooks very easily. Also we can convert your hard copies and soft copies in the form of books, document files and page-maker files to searchable PDF or e-PUB format to enable you to access it from any medium which are mobile phone, tablets and computers.

Influencing the market by innovation and quality, Mathenson Records Management has emerged and kept on evolving over time to maintain their position and counted as one of the most reputed names in the domain of eBook Conversion and Microfilm Scanning Service. It is an effortless conversion package for our all clients. Our whole staff member’s works together within your allotted budget to make sure that your unique needs are met as per your requirements.

With the improvements in recent eBook technology, readers have become more comfortable with “non-printed” books and there has been an increased demand for eBook Conversion Service in present days. Our company also creates eBook from Printed book source, scanned images / photographs and image PDF. All our eBooks are designed keeping in mind the pages, reflow and readability on the wide range of devices with variation in screen size.

Provided e-book conversion service is helping many writers to improve their work and realize their dreams of getting published in a convenient manner and easily available. We take utmost care in maintaining paragraphs, indenting, alignment, box data, floating table, images, linking and hyper linking, references, and foot notes etc. This service is not only helpful for the authors but for the readers too! Due to this, demand of our e-book conversion service is getting very popular and much beneficial for all authors

We faithfully focus on quality confirmation, and handling complication in designing the structure for conversion while working with various formats. Also to ensure that the converted eBooks are accepted by book retailers, all our eBooks are created by maintaining the high industry standards, and tested to pass various validation tools. This service is provided in order to offer more convenience to both the computer users and the book’s publishers and these results for its increasing popularity. Our unmatched quality of e-book conversion services make sure that number of satisfied readers is increased and more books are sold.

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