3 in 1 Microfilm Scanner…One Scanner… Many functions…At same time…

Flex Scan Microfilm Scanner is the perfect scanner system for digitization departments and service bureaus that need to scan a wide variety of microform while still maintaining production speeds. It is the multi format, pocket friendly production microfilm scanner offering a complete package of hardware, software, training and support to give you the best solution for your conversion of your microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards to the highest quality digital images.

The 3 in 1 scanner is designed to offer a complete package for users with Roll Film (Microfilm), Microfiche and Aperture Card scanning requirements. This scanner can scan roll film up to 240 pages per minute. The easily interchangeable modules allow the user to convert microfilm, microfiche, COM (Component Object Model) technology, and aperture cards into a digital format.

This scanner is compatible with NextStar software, which allows ribbon scanning processing where a complete roll of film is digitized from top to bottom and end to end in grayscale and stored as a single spool file. This scanner includes PC, high resolution lens and automatic film carrier. You may also add an automatic fiche loader that can provide nonstop and unattended scanning indiacialis.com.

This scanner can scan high density images, multiple output formats including PDF, .doc files, XML, JPEG, PNG, JPG and TIFF very easily. This scanner is exceedingly appreciated among our Indian and Foreign Clients due to their most significant features for example:

  • It has a high resolution camera.
  • Captures roll film at speeds up to 400 ppm.
  • Specially designed for a production environment.
  • Scans various sized documents and both image orientations.
  • This scanner has an ability to scan 16mm and 35mm roll film.
  • Can scan various types of fiche including COM and aperture cards.

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