Mathenson Records Management Pvt. Ltd. is your one-stop-solution centre for all Microfilm Conversion related services. This service is a multi step and highly technical processes of taking roll film and converting the film to a digital format. Technology that we use in the process of microfilm conversion service is world renowned for cutting costs and increasing competence. We have been providing our services for over 5 decades at the forefront of technology developments and standards.

Our company provides different kinds of microfilm conversion solutions, including standard microfilm scanning to PDF, JPEG andMicrofilm Conversion Service TIFF formats with the help of excellent quality scanner we use for example: ST ViewScan III, FlexScan. We also provide secure Microfilm Conversion Services allowing organizations and individuals to convert and digitize microfilm and microfiche archives.

There has been a growing demand for Microfilm Conversion Service in India and many other foreign countries. The result of our conversion service is more efficient information management and enhanced security. During the conversion process of Microfilm, our clients will have access to their documents, with security provisions for them and for their customers.

Our provided service is highly admired among our all national and international clients due to their most advantageous features for example: This service is space saving, to handle there are no needs of rolls for storage of films. Our offered service provides more flexible image options.


Due to our expertise in this field, Mathenson Records Management Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in providing top class Microfilm to PDF Conversion Service. We can convert all types of paper based documents of our clients into compact, searchable PDF files ready for publishing by perfectly combining our expertise with latest technologies. Our highly qualified professionals convert different files formats into PDF at a cost effective rate.

Our company is counted among as one of the leading service provider of PDF Conversion for more than forty-eight years. Since AdobeMicrofilm to PDF Conversion Acrobat’s PDF Format has been designed to be completely platform-independent, it has become the chosen format for circulating scanned documents on the web. Nowadays conversion of business content like microfilm into PDF Conversion Service has grown to be the basic requirement of many industries. PDF has appeared to be one of the most widely used formats in India as well as many foreign countries.

By increasing demand in the industry, converting Microfilm Reels into PDF Files has become a standard itself. PDF conversion services that we provide helps our honorable clients by converting files from varying sources including hard copies in form of books, reports, brochure, etc., and files from TIFF, GIF, JPG, etc., into PDF format and vice-versa. Our team works very carefully and keeping in mind to provide the best, unforgettable and admirable conversion service to our customers.


Mathenson is renowned as one of the leading 16mm Microfilm Conversion service providing company and having experience for more than 50 years with numerous satisfied customers globally. 16mm is the most common of all the film. A 16mm microfilm normally consists of ninety-eight frames of data, each frame consisting of an A4 size page, but sometimes a frame may consist of two A5 pages instead.

Usually a company or government agency would convert paper to microfilm using a rotary or planetary microfilming machine. We can transform digital images such as PDF, TIFF and JPEG files into other formats. Our experienced staff uses unmatched quality of scanners on a 24-hour basis to quickly turn around your digital conversion project on-time and on budget also. Mathenson is dedicated to providing the highest quality 16mm Microfilm Conversion Services.


Since the establishment of our company in the year of 1968, we have fast become one of the most leading Microfilming Scanning and Conversion Company. We provide 35mm Microfilm Conversion service to our respected clients at their pocket friendly prices.

35mm is a larger version and generally used by archivist that want to preserve the quality of the material in a larger size image. It is used to store documents up to A0 in size, with either 800 broadsheet pages or 600 large drawings. This type of file is scanned in 2 formats for example simplex and duplex.

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