Leveraging on our vast business competency and huge information in this field, we have brought forth an immeasurable range of Microfilm Scanners. It is a device used for reading or scanning of documents stored as microfilm. Using open reels or cassettes, Microfilm is often used as a way to store many documents in a small space.

At our company premises, our highly qualified professionals use ST ViewScan III Scanner and FlexScan Scanner to scan your documents and provide Microfilm Scanning Service in India and many other foreign countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and many more countries. 99% of space is saved under this service. Nowadays Microfilm Scanning is widely used and common practices in modern reprographic industries.

Scanners that we use at our laboratory, is available with 14 Megapixel, USB 3.0 Camera and provide excellent quality of scanned documents. Due to perfectly scanned documents, our scanners are highly admired among our national and international clients at their budgeted prices as well. Mathensonuse ST ViewScan III Scanner and FlexScan Scanner to scan their client’s historical documents perfectly.


To scan 16mm of documents, our well educated scanning service providers use ST ViewScan III at their premises. In today’s competitive world, this type of scanner is widely demanded in India and many foreign countries. This scanner has changed the way that you will look at your microfilm collection.

This scanner has developed a camera with a true 14 megapixel, full color image sensor with USB 3.0 connection that will create crisp and clear high resolution images from your microfilm collection of archives. Furthermore, this scanner turns our client’s important and prestigious microfilm historical documents into a dynamic and user-friendly resource.


To scan 35mm of documents, we use ST ViewScan III also. ST Imaging’s ViewScan III is the most advanced and customers favourite microfilm scanner available at our company premises. It is the third generation of ST ViewScan microfilm scanners. One of the best significant advancement of this ST Imaging’s ST ViewScan III scanner adds the full color microfilm scanning.

In addition, the ST ViewScan III also creates fantastic images from 35mm color slides. The color scanning capability of the ST ViewScan III makes it a favorable multi-functional tool for most institutions. We provide scanning service with the help of ST ViewScan III, ST imaging continues to raise the bar on microfilm scanner technology. This scanner system allows our customers to quickly browse the film as the film is advancing or quickly move to the image if the film contains the necessary break down symbols.


Our well educated scanning service provider’s use FlexScan Microfilm Scanner. This scanner is also called three in one microfilm scanner because it is the one scanner but performs many functions at the same time. It is the multi format, pocket friendly production microfilm scanner offering a complete package of hardware, software, training and support to give you the best solution for your conversion of your microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards to the highest quality digital images.

It is also known as powerful system that can handle the unique properties of microfilm and aperture card scanning. This scanner includes the scanner, personal computer, high resolution lens, automatic film carrier and NextStar plus software. Our clients may also add an automatic fiche loader that can provide nonstop and unattended scanning.

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