When you need to save records and preserve documents for the future, Microfilm is very important and beneficial in present days. If you planned to save your important documents, files, papers, newspapers and many other types of important data of ancient times, Microfilm Scanning is generally recommended.

To save your important ancient data, our highly qualified and experienced microfilm scanning staff uses best and unbeatable quality of microfilm scanners for example ST ViewScan III, FlexScan. With the help of these scanners they carefully examine the quality of each scanned document one by one but after conversion of these files. Once microfilms have been scanned, the digital files are converted into electronic format which our clients prefer.

These files are highly appreciated among our honorable clients due to faster access, when assembled into a structured, searchable database. In this way you can quickly locate any required documents very easily.

Mathenson provides Microfilm Scanning Service for 16mm and 35mm roll films, all microfiche formats, and 35mm Aperture Cards into a range of electronic file types: PDF (Portable Document Format), TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), are among the most commonly used. We offer these services to our clients at their pocket friendly rates.

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