We are Mathenson Records Management Pvt. Ltd and our accomplishment as Microfilm Scanning Services, Digitization Service Provider, Document Scanning Services and Data Conversion Service Provider in Mumbai, India. Microfilming, or microphotography, is the process of reducing images to a very small size, such that they can only be read with optical assistance. Microfilms are necessitated by the fact that a large percentage of books, newspapers, government and official records etc. By utilizing a combination of modern film processing technology and climate-controlled archive vaults, microfilm images can easily last 500 years – far longer than any paper stock. We put the customers first and therefore we give an uncompromised attention to quality.

Mathenson Records Management Pvt. Ltd has high quality globally for Microfilm Scanning Services in South Africa. Our customers can avail our products in various cities of South Africa country markets like Cape Town, Durban, Soweto, East London, Port Elizabeth, and WelKom. Microfilm conversion and microfiche conversion are highly technical processes of taking rollfilm or microfiche and converting the film to a digital format.

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