Mathenson is an experienced provider of Newspaper Scanning Services. Newspapers are very important sources of information, enabling us to preserve our history. Through this service you can save your important data into digital format giving future generation’s access to these valuable news items.

Newspaper scanning services offered by Mathenson Records Management allow our clients to store all information in a digital file format of their choice. While, on one hand the scanning services sensible any risk of loss or deterioration, on the other hand they save time and efforts. Also our offered newspaper scanning services is appropriate for easy accessibility, hassle-free maintenance and effortlessly.

We have dedicated and motivated team members, who careful handling scanning services. All newspapers are scanned by our excellent quality scanner in a systematic manner to make sure that high readability. Provided service can save space, improve productivity, and reduce costs for your library, museum and other business. Furthermore, converting newspapers into digital format can help your business run more efficiently and make you more productive.

When newspaper is going to scan into electronic format, it is most important to stay away from damaging the original. Hence our newspaper scanning service takes a very suspicious approach. Once we scan newspaper by using our most modern scanners, scanned images go through our quality control checks to ensure that all pages are scanned and appear correctly as they should. These scanned images are generally converted into a multiple pages of PDF format and can also be converted into other formats such as JPEG, TIFF and more.

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