Transactional Content Management Software is a system of record for managing process related documents. It makes routine of replicate-able defined business processes into a workflow combining content capture, storage, retrieval, and integration for the purpose of supporting information workers in real time. This software supports long running processes, such as accounts payable dispensation with a high amount of static documents that demand scalability, life cycle control and primarily, human approval.

TCM Software increases an organization’s efficiency and quickness very easily and cost effectively transforming valuable unstructured information such as scanned paper documents into electronic possessions that can automatically drive key business process endings. Also it is a highly functional electronic content management platform that stores and manages your documents and computerizes the workflow processes related to those files.

Transactional Content Management solutions are the most recognized section of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and required a profound level of expertise, appreciative and scalability. Offered service is strongly demanded by our domestic and international clients for reducing operational costs and improves their business processes. Our company delivers superior class services for transactional content management that is faultlessly integrated into our client’s business applications and completely tailored for their specific business demands. In short, Mathenson Records Management provides a scalable and cost effective solution for managing any business transaction.

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