Nowadays Microfilming is become an up to date method of storage with the digital technology taking over and therefore offering more economical, secure and fast access to digitized documents. Our company offers three types of Microform Media i.e., Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Cards.


Microfilm which is present in film reel is a length of film containing a consecutively series of images or frames. This film reel typically comes in only two widths: 16mm (millimeters) which is about three-forth of an inch wide and 35mm (millimeters) about one and a-half inches wide. These roll films are stored on either plastic or metal bobbins.



16mm microfilm could be stored in a bobbin. The film contains A3 and A4 sized documents or for financial records like checks, insurance forms and medical forms with the capacity of storing upto 2,400 letter sized images. It can also be found in government offices of all kinds or insurance companies. This microfilm is most frequently used for document types that would have both the front and the backside captured at the same time.



35mm microfilm is used to store larger sized documents shrink down to 35mm originally from up to A0 in size like Newspapers, Architectural Drawings, and Engineering Plans are common large-format documents. The file can store up to 800 broadsheet pages or 600 large documents/drawings. This roll film is often the microfilm of choice for archiving older and ancient documents so that the original documents can be captured at a higher resolution.



It is a card or sheet of microfilm that is capable of accommodating and preserving a considerable number of pages, texts of a newspaper, catalogue, or other document. It is used to store printed information in shortened form. It is a way of storing documents via photographic film. It provides long term storage as long as it is kept in a stable environment.



It is a kind of punched card with a slit open window into which a chip of microfilm is placed. Such a card is used for clippings or for making several low-priced copies of a document for easily sharing. These cards are also known as Hollerith card. This is a 35mm chip of microfilm implanted in a punch card. The most common use of this card is for engineering drawings. The punch card is coded with the indexing information for the image.


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