Microfilming is a process of shrunken pages of information which have been put onto a film reel. A film on which printed materials are photographed at greatly reduced size for ease of storage. It is also called Microphotography or Micrographics.


In another words you can say that, it is a process of photographic duplication of documents or images that are sized as 1:8 to 1:50 of their original size, generally on a 16 or 35 millimeter film. These micro photographs can re-extended to their original size without any loss of details or information.

In this Microfilming Scanning, involves the use of photographic development to create reduced size images of textual or graphic material on a film reel. In this process a master file is produced from which further copies can be made very easily. In an era of digitization, Mathenson Records Management continues maintaining the microfilm records because microfilm is very cheapest, reliable, long lasting and an identical image storage medium.

Microfilming Services that our company provides is type of high quality document conversions that is easily stored in a very less space. Also you can say that our microfilming service converts your paper documents to this space saving files. It is highly reliable medium of document management conversions. Perhaps the most common use of Microfilm Scanning is in essential records protection, in that it allows a cheap copy of your important documents to be made and held off-site, thus ensuring the maintenance of the information on those documents.

Well educated professionals of our company provide their client’s best and unmatched quality of Microfilm Scanning Services from Mumbai. Microphotography consists in the cutting of images to such a small size that they cannot be read without special Microfilm reader cum Scanner. Our professionals use ST ViewScan III, FlexScan (types of scanner) to scan your documents and provide Digitization Service in India and many other foreign countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand and many more countries. 99% space is saved due to this photographic compression. Nowadays Microfilm Scanning Service is widely used and common practices in modern reprographic industries.

In present days, Microfilm Scanning is growing day by day due to the large portion of books, newspapers, manuals and diaries are failing because of the poor quality of paper and print. The use of microfilming for almost seventy years has provided an outstanding duplication technique for recording photographic images of printed materials. At last a microfilm is made; it goes through a chemical process called disclosure. After that we provide this film to our respected clients at their budgeted prices.

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